Some information below on what Go Store is doing to help in the national effort to limit the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
The health and safety of our customers and staff members are our top priority and we are closely following the recommendations from the government.
In order to continue to serve our customers and employees effectively, we have taken the following set of measures:
  • Access to storage units remains possible during opening hours Mon-Fri.
  • Weekend access will be possible for “essential” customer needs. Follow instructions on gate & call 01904215705. (Sat 9am – 2:00pm | Sun by prior appointment & between 11am & 1pm).
  • Our reception will be closed to customers, we remain at your service by phone & email.
  • You can continue to make online reservations and e-sign our storage agreement.
  • We maintain our cleaning measures in the most frequented places / surfaces: door handles, lift buttons and trolley handles; the security access control continues to be through the App on your phone.
  • Hand soap is provided in the toilets in order for customers to regularly wash their hands.
  • Extended Hours business customers can use the facility as normal.
Go Store Self Storage is generally not a high traffic business, along with a more intensive cleaning program we need to remove all person-to-person contact. This includes a one in one out policy to lifts, the reception is for our staff only. Customers must enter the store via our loading bay not the reception. If you do need to speak to a member of staff please telephone them. If you come across another customer, you must observe the Government’s social distancing guidelines.
Storage and warehousing is part of the logistics chain delivering goods and providing storage services. It is not included in the list of retail and other businesses identified for immediate closure.
The Government has specifically said online retailing can continue and some online retail businesses operate from our store.
These businesses require our stores to remain open allowing them to continue trading.  Many of these businesses are selling a range of essential goods and providing important services at this time.
We also have some new customers who have had a sudden need for short term storage triggered by the recent lockdown.
Whilst our store remains open for customers to use and we are committed to operating our normal trading hours during the week, the store gates may be closed and may be manned remotely for much of this time, so please bear with us and follow instructions on the signs.
Please call the branch team on 01904 215 990 before starting a journey to the store, so we can understand how we can assist you at this difficult time.
Thanks for your patience and understanding. Together, we will get through this.
Stay safe.
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