How much does self storage cost?

The cost of a storage unit depends on a few things, the security features available, and the size of storage room and which floor it’s located on. The average cost for a storage unit can vary greatly by location. The most popular sizes of storage room rented in York are somewhere between £20 and £45 per week.

What if I don’t know what size unit I need?

We have really helpful team of trained managers who are able to guide you through the process and will help you chose a storage room that will fit your needs or budget. Check out this helpful Go Store size guide.

Can I change units if I need a different size?

Yes. Subject to availability, you can transfer to a smaller or larger unit without penalty instantaneously. If you need a different room to the one you booked on the day you move in, we’ll always do our best to fit you into the size you need.

Is there a security deposit to pay?

We charge 1 weeks rental as a security deposit when you move in, which is refundable upon vacating your unit.

Do I have to insure my storage unit?

In order to rent a storage room you need to be able to show that your belongings or stock is insured under a valid insurance policy. Go Store is also able to offer our customers affordable insurance options, which will cover your goods on a new for old basis, at very reasonable prices depending on the replacement value of the items you are storing.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Renting a storage room at Go Store is very easy and you will not be tied into a long term commitment. We offer flexible, month-to-month licence agreement, so you only pay for the storage you need for as long as you need it. Discounts are also available for long-term rentals if you pay in advance. Our mantra has always been you can store for a day or as long as you like. After the first month we refund any unused weekly rental.

Do I need to provide my own padlock?

You can provide your own lock or you can pick a brand new lock from our selection in the merchandise shop in reception. The final security is yours as you are the only keyholder to your storage room.

Are storage facilities safe?

The safety of storage facilities can vary based on factors such as where they are and what type of security is in place. You might wish to check that a cheap price doesn’t mean low-end security features. Go Store provides a fenced compound with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and monitored burglar alarms and electronic gate access to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

Can other people or colleagues access my storage unit?

At Go Store the person who signs the agreement is the only person who has access to or may grant access to your storage unit.

Do storage facilities rent moving vans?

Most storage facilities don’t rent moving vehicles or offer the use of a moving van as customers tend to arrange their own removals or hire a van themselves. At Go Store we have a sprinter sized van that is available to our customers on the great British principle of first come first served. Occasionally this van might be available to rent for no fee when moving into storage.

Do I have to give notice before I move out?

Almost all storage facilities will require some notice before move out in order to help manage their availability of rooms. Typically this will range from a few weeks to one month, but may vary. Go Store require 14 days written notice before you vacate.

Can I store contact-free?

Controlling our contact with others in light of the Covid-19 pandemic is very important for everyone’s safety. At Go Store, you can access your storage room completely contact-free using our smartphone app, which means you don’t need to touch any security access keypads or shared touch screens throughout the facility.