5 Tips for making the most of working from home

Many companies now operate by allowing or insisting employees to work a day or two per week from home, which can be a great perk as it allows you to escape the office, get your head down and get your work done with fewer interruptions, so long as you have the right working environment.

Perhaps you even work from home because you have set up your own home business.
Whether you are able to work from home as part of your job or you have a home business, we at Go Store have compiled these 5 tips to help you get the most of your space.

1. Try to keep your home life and work life apart

If working from home on a regular basis, you should consider creating a dedicated work space, the kitchen table or TV room can become too much of a distraction. We often have rooms and landings at home where space could be easily converted, so whether it’s an outdoor shed, a spare bedroom or the awkward area under the stairs, there’s usually plenty of options, big or small, where you could create your perfect home office.

2. Good lighting can change even the drabbest of spaces

Bad lighting can put a strain on your eyes which effects your productivity, especially if you spend all day in front of the computer. Whilst having a window for day light is important as it helps you see better, it also helps to you maintain concentration and ultimately your ability to get things done. Try to place your workstation or desk next to a window to really utilise the light when you work. If natural day light is scarce, investing in high quality lighting and painting the walls bright white will help maximise light. Equally positioning a mirror between a window and your workstation can help reflect more light into your work area giving the feeling of more natural light.

3. Chose practicality over style

Sitting at a low desk or in a chair that doesn’t offer proper support can be bad for your back. Don’t be too tempted to buy that desk that matches the console, or chair that’s ‘in vogue’, instead focus on purchasing decent quality furniture that will give you the right support and space to work.

4. Take a Break  

Working from home or running a business from home can be great, but remember to schedule your (short 15 minute) breaks and make sure you take them, so you don’t find yourself stuck between the same four walls for hours on end.

During the days where we schedule and actually take breaks regularly, we are often so much more productive. We might not have as much work time as when we don’t take breaks but during the time we are in “work mode” we can work so much more efficiently.

5. Keep it organised and fun

Whether your workspace is in the hall, landing or up in the loft room, try to keep it neat and tidy with clever storage. People work much better if papers and files are organised and stored away rather than in a heap on the floor or over the desk. Low cost shelving is an easy and effective instant solution and will help you feel like you have more space, under counter filing cabinets can be really useful and not as unsightly as the metal cabinets you might have at work to keep files organised.

There are lots cost-effective and simple ways to create a fun and inspirational home office. Even green plants can boost productivity and reduce stress levels, pictures and prints will also help increase creativity and keep us focused.

Find your space and love it. If you need a help with where to keep excess clutter or furniture when you create your home office; remember Go Store offer cost effective storage solutions.