Storage for Life Events

Storage for Life Events

Thrilling occasions or distressing times, life throws challenges at you. When a life event means you need a short or long term storage solution Go Store are here to help.

Just Married or Moving in Together

When two peoples belongings come together in one home, self storage can be the ideal short or longer term solution.

New Arrival

When you have a baby on the way often the spare bedroom needs to become a baby nursery. Self Storage is a great solution for getting that bulky furniture and spare bed that you want to keep out of the way until you next need it.

Family Bereavement

Following a death, often the last thing on the grieving family’s mind is how furniture and belongings should be split amongst relatives. Self storage can be a useful stop gap during such a stressful and distressing time.


Moving House is stressful enough, when you move to a smaller house because you are downsizing it can add even more pressure. Self Storage could be a long or short term answer to solving the question of what to do with all your excess furniture.

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