Why a Storage Unit makes sense for your Start-Up

There’s nothing more exciting than setting up your own small business; you get to explore your creativity, steer the business to success and above all, be your own boss. But equally there can be nothing more stressful. If your start-up deals with a physical product it can be a nightmare to find somewhere to store all of your required equipment, let alone stock and packing supplies. Dare we mention keeping the paperwork in order…

That’s where a start-up storage unit comes in.

Free up your home

As a start-up it’s likely your home has become your new workplace recently, and despite the distinct lack of commute, it isn’t always the best solution. Especially post COVID-19, it’s become clear to us all just how valuable space in our homes is. Sacrificing a large chunk to your start-up is a big cost to pay for being brave enough to go it alone, and the fact is that it just isn’t necessary these days. The beauty of using a storage unit for your start-up is that you can get all of your stock, equipment, packaging and general excess stuff out of the way when it’s not needed and reclaim your home for yourself, all at a fraction of the price of compared to a traditional office or production space. Giving your business essentials a permanent and sole purpose home also means it’s easier to keep everything organised, which cuts down wasted riffling time, making you and your business more time efficient.

Cost effective and Flexible

Costs are tight in the early stages of a start-up, and as we just mentioned, this puts a big tick against storage units. With a traditional rental space, you are bound by a long-term contract, paying hundreds for a space that could end up being too big or worse, too small, for your needs. Renting a business storage unit allows you to choose a short-term rental in a size and shape that fits your start-up in the now, and if your needs change then you are able to upgrade or downsize accordingly. Being flexible like this will save you money and give your new business a leg-up, with extra funds to invest in product design, marketing, or whatever you see fit!

Safe and dry

It is of course essential that your business items stay clean, dry and above all safe. Keeping it all at home could pose a great risk to your livelihood, with the risk of burglary, fire or flood meaning all your essentials would be lost in the blink of an eye. It is also crucial to keep your business paperwork safe, particularly any customer details, bank information or legal documents. That’s why we recommend keeping all non-essential bits and important paperwork elsewhere when they’re not in use, spreading the risk and ensuring all is not lost in case of disaster. This makes storage units a brilliant option as here at Go Store, our storage units are clean, dry and incredibly secure, housed in our fenced compound with 24-hour CCTV security surveillance, electric gate access and monitored burglar alarms.

How can we help?

So, in response to the question “Should my start-up use a storage unit?”, the answer is you’d be mad not to. Here at Go Store we offer storage units for both short and long-term periods and are completely flexible to your needs. Housed in our fenced compound, you can be sure your stock and livelihood will be safe with our 24-hour CCTV security surveillance keeping watch, and don’t forget our monitored burglar alarms and strict electric gate access. Visit our website to check out our business storage unit options, or give us a call on 01904 215 990 to discuss your small business storage unit needs with a member of our friendly team today.